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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sill got to adjust to Blogging

but I always got stuff floating around my head, and think this blogging will suit me well. I prob cant vocie over half of what goes trough my dome, or maybe i can?

So a little about my newest endeavor; my t-shirts

Ive always had the ability to draw and to be creative, college really fine tuned that within me. At the same time im a huge sports fan(an interesting mix) I figured with a few hundred bucks Ill start printing T-shirts combining both of my worlds.

I have sold 21 so far in 3 months times, but am printing a special edition Bruins T-hirt that I got i think 10 presales. after that I working on designing my baseball t-shirt! all and all I think I am doing ok

I gave myself 3 years to be successful. I guess ill use this blog as my personal voice but at the same time promote my newest endeavor!


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