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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New shirts are in... people cant drive

Ive been working like crazy the last few days... what else is new. Im excited UI got my new Bruins themed t-shirts in today and I think they look amazing!

just a little gripe about driving.,.. i know im a mass hole and all i get that,... but Why do people fluxuate there damn speed while driving? 45mph to 55 to 42 to 60 back to 50 without hitting the breaks? it drives me fucking bonkers I dont care if you are dringing slow maintain your speed... I wish i had a megaphone today and yesterday

i eventually went next to one of these idiots at a set of lights he started yelling at me i told him wtf are you doing his reply was theres a lot of hills my response "get bent man learn how to drive"

im sure you will here plenty of rants from me about driving in the future

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