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wwww.mcgphotodesignstudio.com check it out Im a loving and an amazing father, I am a phototaking, illustrator maker, t-shirt designing, blow em up pyrotechnition, hockey playing, zamboni driving, beer drinking, head banging, softball throwing, tattooed, diversified person!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

i havent been on here in a while, but hopefully will start up again... over the last few weeks i have been trying to organize our business a photo deign studio... i bought a domain name... and some hosting ans well after a few days of using a online site builder i have somethink concrete to show the world.... if you are still following me let me know what you think!

Thanks guys


its still a work in progress

Thursday, March 19, 2009

its been ahwile...

sice i wrote anything, as usuall life is crzy busy, between working and all... I have been selling my fear the bear shirts and actually had to place a second order, so thats pretty cool. Of course tons of things always flying through my mind, like why is there such an obsession with "famous" people. I never understood that.

more to come later as I really try and pick this whole blog thing up, I need to make it a daily thing todo.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I admit it

So... i watch America Idol... I know iknow how does a 27 yeal old guy who loves metal listen to this crap. I dont have an answer i watched it over the last few seasons, and last year i watxched most of it... this year the same....

If it makes you feel any better I never called in or texted in to vote?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fear the Bear!!!


if you know any bruins fans let them know!

whats the deal with negative people; you know the ones that always have to complain or put people down they really "f"en suck

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New shirts are in... people cant drive

Ive been working like crazy the last few days... what else is new. Im excited UI got my new Bruins themed t-shirts in today and I think they look amazing!

just a little gripe about driving.,.. i know im a mass hole and all i get that,... but Why do people fluxuate there damn speed while driving? 45mph to 55 to 42 to 60 back to 50 without hitting the breaks? it drives me fucking bonkers I dont care if you are dringing slow maintain your speed... I wish i had a megaphone today and yesterday

i eventually went next to one of these idiots at a set of lights he started yelling at me i told him wtf are you doing his reply was theres a lot of hills my response "get bent man learn how to drive"

im sure you will here plenty of rants from me about driving in the future

Sunday, March 8, 2009

writers block

so far this morning i was like yea, im going to really start up this blog thing, im going to write this, im going to write that, but there I sat looking at the screen, looking inside my head and nothing really came out, but im still typing, still coming up with words, im no longer looking at a blank screen, there are words being typed, but who will read it, besides its just me a rambling along here like i got nothing to say but apparently my brain is working...

I thought of something last night... but i cant remember

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sill got to adjust to Blogging

but I always got stuff floating around my head, and think this blogging will suit me well. I prob cant vocie over half of what goes trough my dome, or maybe i can?

So a little about my newest endeavor; my t-shirts

Ive always had the ability to draw and to be creative, college really fine tuned that within me. At the same time im a huge sports fan(an interesting mix) I figured with a few hundred bucks Ill start printing T-shirts combining both of my worlds.

I have sold 21 so far in 3 months times, but am printing a special edition Bruins T-hirt that I got i think 10 presales. after that I working on designing my baseball t-shirt! all and all I think I am doing ok

I gave myself 3 years to be successful. I guess ill use this blog as my personal voice but at the same time promote my newest endeavor!


I never thought i would do this

But here I am, siging up and creating a blog. Well i m sure about all of this and know i have tons to learn but I think it could be fun as well as useful promoting my new t-shirts.

So i should come up with something profound to speak of on my first day, but nothing comes to mind, because at this moment I am the only one listening, I have no one following me.... people dont know i have a blog, but i keep typing... thinking, praying hoping that someone will read these words and then realize

shit i just wasted 45 seconds