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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

how do you get more people to view your blog? I started up this blog along time ago, with the help of a few others, and those others are and still my only followers?.... do I need to advertise my blog? promote it on my website? Maybe I should. maybe i will, mabe ill to it today

Maybe I should take this blog more seriuosly and write more than updates on my day, like how ayla brown annoyed the hell out of me last night, and how her father, in my opinion, abused her popularity, a sub par singer if you ask me, i will not knock her bball skills, but watching her during her fathers speach, aggravted me i guess. that and annoucing her father one, rock star style,,,, wait you need to be a rock star to do that....

Congrats to the Brown campaign, but I know i have a bunch of loved ones pushing for coakley, thats politics.

back to orgainizing my future business, i got lots to do!


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